The best place to work

At Dental Partners, we talk a lot about being ‘the best place to work’, but what exactly do we mean?

We mean giving our clinicians the freedom to work in the way they want, with a wide choice of equipment and materials.

We mean taking away the administrative and financial burdens of running a practice, while providing access to a large pool of expertise, in terms of professional support, development and advice.

We know that work is only rewarding if there are opportunities to learn new skills and develop through internal and external training.

We actively encourage our practice teams to pursue new challenges.

‘Before Dental Partners took over the practice, I was quite happy going to work and not really thinking about the bigger picture – but their influence and new way of thinking encouraged us to try and improve ourselves. It’s inspired me to develop my clinical skills and to be more confident about my own abilities.’ – Gemma McGarry, dentist, High Green Dental Practice, Sheffield.

We believe that racial, religious, cultural and gender diversity strengthens our team, and we want our practice staff to reflect the communities it serves.

We know that life is about more than work and actively support flexible working arrangements and family-friendly policies.

So, come and join us!

Find out more at or email [email protected].

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