Beating bruxism

Dental Sky is now the exclusive distributor of the Flexi Orthotic System (FOS).

The FOS offers chairside treatment to reduce and eliminate your patients’ headaches, migraines and other associated head and neck pain caused by the clenching or grinding of teeth (bruxism).

The objective of the FOS is to allow muscles in spasm to relax, protect the teeth and jaws from the adverse effects of bruxism, and allow normalisation of the periodontal ligament proprioception.

This revolutionary and unique design comprises of a choice of either an upper or lower anterior splint made of medical grade polyester copolymer.

The material is heat adjustable and can be directly bonded to, allowing the treatment to be long wearing without any discolouration, risk of bacteria or damage caused by separation of materials.

The system will continue to work after many years of use without any problems for you or your patient, reducing chair time and excessive patient recalls.

This system is quick and easy to fit chairside in just 15 minutes, or alternatively impressions can be sent to our lab where our technicians will make the splint for you.

With every purchase of a starter pack you will receive a complimentary training course from one of our experienced technicians as well as full support and aftercare.

For more information or to order yours, please visit:

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