BOS launches new guide for those working with under 18s

bosToday (22 July 2016) the British Orthodontic Society launches a new guide for all those involved in the care and education of young people who start orthodontic treatment every year.

Aimed at teachers, youth-workers, school nurses and carers, the guide explains the key aspects of tooth-straightening. It covers the spectrum of questions and issues from types of braces, to the challenges of starting treatment or being teased about braces along with practical tips for musicians and those taking part in contact sports.

Support is vital

Orthodontist Rod Ferguson, who has led the development of the guide, said: ‘Having orthodontic treatment is now almost a rite of passage for many teenagers and can improve their self esteem. The support of their teachers and families is a vital part of the process and this useful guide helps explain the orthodontic journey and its associated challenges.’

Alison Murray, President of the British Orthodontic Society: ‘Many young people who have undergone orthodontic treatment report higher levels of self-esteem and their quality of life is often significantly improved. This new guide helps all those involved with young people to navigate the issues that may come up and support them on their treatment path. It’s estimated that one third of young people are eligible for NHS orthodontic treatment and go on to benefit from it. Figures shows more than 200,000 children and young people start treatment annually in England and Wales with more in Scotland and Ireland and a small number of young people also having private treatment.

This publication follows hot on the heels of The BOS Guide: Orthodontics for Adults launched last month.

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