1,200 delegates attend Invisalign symposium at WOC

Dr David Couchat shared his early experiences of Invisalign

Over 6,000 delegates from around the world converged on London for the World Orthodontic Congress

So it was particularly gratifying for Align Technology that a sixth of them attended the Invisalign lunchtime satellite symposium on the second day of the conference. The delegates filled the lecture hall to hear from experts about the biomechanics of tooth movement and the clinical treatment of increasingly complex malocclusions with the Invisalign clear aligner system.

The first presentation by John Morton, Director of Research and Technology at Align Technology, outlined the evolution of the Invisalign technique. He explained the science behind the Invisalign system and the biomechanical principles used to achieve greater control of tooth movement. Mr Morton demonstrated how patients were treated in the past, which often involved the use of auxiliaries, and how this led to the evolution of the Invisalign innovations which have been introduced over the last five years. His presentation included the introduction of digital impressions, features and material developments, and improvements to the Company’s proprietary ClinCheck software programme, each of which has contributed to more efficient, precise, and predictable treatment outcomes. Mr. Morton concluded with the introduction of the latest software iteration ClinCheck Pro, which features 3D controls, and described the biomechanics of first premolar extraction treatments with InvisalignG6.

In the second half, Mr Morton was joined on the podium by Dr David Couchat who shared his early experiences of InvisalignG6. Dr Couchat, who treats all his patients with Invisalign clear aligners, demonstrated how an increasingly wide variety of malocclusions can be treated with the clear aligner modality. He illustrated a range of complex cases including first premolar extraction cases demonstrating how he tackles root control issues and treats patients presenting with open bite, deep bite and cases requiring surgical intervention. As a participant in early pilot studies for InvisalignG6, Dr Couchat discussed details of some of his initial patients and demonstrated a variety of approaches to these extraction cases.

First premolar extraction with Invisalign treatment

InvisalignG6 is engineered to improve clinical outcomes for orthodontic treatment of severe crowding and bimaxillary protrusion – a common type of malocclusion. In fact, the nature of malocclusion, which requires first premolar tooth extraction, is an orthodontic anomaly which affects 20% of patients in Europe and has proved challenging for many practitioners.

12052439_923793927656359_1023160222476579834_oThis innovation from Align Technology is the Company’s inaugural first premolar extraction solution, and provides vertical control and root parallelism using new technology and features which optimise the progression of tooth movements for first premolar extraction treatment planned for maximum anchorage.

The introduction of InvisalignG6 marks a culmination of continuous clinical innovation at Align Technology that offers comprehensive features and functionality. These innovations include SmartStage technology, which optimises the progression of tooth movement and provides aligner activation to help eliminate unwanted tipping and unwanted anterior extrusion during retraction, as well as SmartForce features which are designed to deliver the force systems necessary to achieve predictable tooth movements.

These new features are augmented by Optimized Retraction Attachments, designed to work with SmartStage technology for effective bodily movement during canine retraction, with or without elastics, and new Optimized Anchorage Attachments, which have been developed to work with SmartStage technology to maximise posterior anchorage.

To learn more about InvisalignG6 and discover greater possibilities for treating with Invisalign clear aligners please visit http://invisalign-g6.com/en-GB/

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