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The European Aligner Society, which was formally launched at the International Orthodontic Congress in late September 2015, has announced its inaugural congress.  Aligners, a clear new era in orthodontics – will take place in Vienna on 13-14 February 2016. The Directors of the Society have put together a programme of lectures and hands-on workshops led by some of the world’s foremost aligner exponents.

Because the congress takes place over 13th and 14th February the President’s Dinner will have a Valentine’s Day theme and delegates are being encouraged to invite their significant others to join them in Vienna for a weekend which celebrates alignment – both clinical and personal!

Programme: Saturday 13th February

T.WHEELER, University of Florida, USA:  Factors that impact the outcome of tooth movement with Clear Aligners

B. REINSTEHNHOFER, Vienna, Austria: Extractions or open bite

A. SOUCHET, Mulhouse, France: 3D orthodontics and aligner therapy: what’s next?

L. CARRIERE, Barcelona, Spain: Motion Carriere: a new tool in treatment with aligners

E.KUO, San Francisco, USA: Clinical research opportunities in Clear Aligner Orthodontics

W.T. BITTNER, Berlin, Germany: To finish first, you first have to finish: Cad/Cam treatment with Suresmile, positioners and aligners

J. SCHWARZE, Cologne, Germany: Can we treat deep bite with aligners?

P. ECHARRI, Barcelona, Spain: Realistic objectives with CA Clear Aligner therapy: how far can we move teeth?

K. THEDENS, Bremen, Germany: Treatment of class III malocclusions with CA aligners

N. TAL, London, UK: The development of new aligner systems

B. WILMES, University of Düsseldorf, Germany: Tads within aligner therapy

S.VELO, Padova, Italy: Possibilities and limitations with the Arcangel aligner system

Programme:   Sunday 14th February

M. TRIBO’, Zurich, Switzerland:  Accceleration of Aligner treatment through photobiomodulation

K.OJIMA, Tokyo, Japan: My protocols in accelerated orthodontics in aligner treatments

A. GRECO, Roma, Italy: Combo treatments

A. DIASPRO, Torino, Italy: Incisalign: corticisions and Invisalign therapy

W. SCHUPP, Cologne, Germany: TMJ and aligner therapy

R. AULAKH, London, UK: Pre-restorative treatments with aligner treatments

G. FRANCESCONI, Lugano, Switzerland: Retention in aligner treatments

Hands-on workshop programme: Sunday 14th February

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Membership of EAS and bookings for the European Aligner Congress are open now.  Please visit and join the Society on an ever expanding aligner journey.

The European Aligner Society was set up to provide continuing information about developments in clear aligner therapy and create a strong back-up to the formal training which takes place at postgraduate level across the EU.

As a members’ Association, EAS aims to provide a number of services from providing support to members; offering advice and guidance; and making resources available to support and develop education in clear aligner therapy.  Together members will form an ‘aligner’ community to learn from one another and grow in confidence as they hone their treatment skills.

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