Last chance to enter the Dentistry Scotland Awards

Dentistry Scotland Awards
It’s your last chance to enter for 2015’s Dentistry Scotland Awards

It’s your last chance to enter for the prestigious Dentistry Scotland Awards 2015.

The Dentistry Scotland Awards is a chance to celebrate all that is good in Scottish dentistry and is the biggest dental awards event hosted in the country.

This year has seen some outstanding entries, but is this your chance to become an award winning practice/dental professional?

‘I think the evening showed all that’s positive in Scottish dentistry,’ Graham McKirdy, winner of 2014’s Outstanding Contribution to Scottish Dentistry award, said.

‘Despite all the problems that surround dental practices, the practices at the awards I think showed such enthusiasm, it was really gratifying.’

Dentistry Scotland Awards 2015

This year we’ve introduced a few new categories for the awards.

Take a look at the categories below to see which category you would like to enter.

Best New Practice

Have you started a practice from scratch or completely re-invented a redundant building during the last year? We wish to reward the best developers and creators who have made significant business progress in a short space of time.

Your practice must have opened after 1 January 2014 to qualify.

Most Improved Practice

This is a great chance to show off how far you have brought your practice on. Show us before and after pictures (if appropriate), explain how the business has grown. Can you demonstrate a good team atmosphere? Or do you have some examples of clinical excellence? Maybe you have some great marketing plans and literature or you can show how much training you have provided for your team. Make sure you send in evidence of your uniqueness and how you go beyond the regular duty of care, including patient testimonials if possible.

Best NHS Practice

If you’re running a successful NHS practice and your patients are happy with the service you offer, why not gain recognition for this? If you think your practice is highly regarded and offers a great service, tell us about it. The practice can be new or well established.

Most Invaluable Team Member

Do you have one team member who you would like to congratulate? That one team member that goes above and beyond the regular duty of care. Demonstrate to our judges your, or someone else’s, hard work and drive. Have you had to overcome any hurdles? Have you got any evidence of connection with the local community?

Best Private Practice

If your patients are happy with the private service you offer, why not take the recognition for this? You don’t have to be 100% private and the practice can be new or well established. If you think your private practice is highly regarded and offers a great service, tell us all about it.

Best Team

A team is the sum of many parts. Is your team special and should they be singled out for praise? Do you have a great mix of individuals who help make a cohesive, supportive and productive group? Give your staff the recognition they deserve for being the best at what they do.

Best Patient Care

How do you care for your patients? Do you get a lot of recommendations? Do you offer the highest standards of care and courtesy throughout a patient’s experience? Provide us with patient testimonials to support your entry.

Best Treatment of Nervous Patients

Do you have a great team approach to treating nervous patients? Do you go above and beyond to help patients to relax and feel more comfortable in your practice? Provide us with credible and relevant testimonials to really get ahead in this category.

Best Child Friendly Practice

This category is designed to recognise the Scottish practice that is the most child friendly. Do you go out of your way to make children feel at home in your practice? Do you advertise to new parents to make sure children are welcomed to a dental practice at a young age?

Best High Technology Practice

Is your practice fully digital? Are you completely up to date with all the latest technology? Have you recently had a refit and feel your practice is cutting-edge? If so, this is the category for you.

Best Charity or Community Project

What do you or your team do outside the practice? How do you help the wider community? If you or your practice has undertaken a charitable project recently, we want to hear from you.

Entry for the Dentistry Scotland Awards 2015 closes on 4 September, so it’s your last chance to enter.

For more details, including an entry pack, please visit, call 0845 184 1498 or email [email protected].


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