The Big Summer Brush-Up

Big summer brush up
Denplan has launched its Big Summer Brush-Up campaign this summer

Denplan has launched ‘The Big Summer Brush-Up’ campaign to help improve families brushing technique this summer.

Running for six weeks throughout the summer school holidays (from 20 July until 31 August), this national-facing PR campaign will help to raise awareness of the importance of proper brushing and will provide practical tips on how best to do this.

‘It is clear that while parents have the best of intentions with their children’s dental health, it can be difficult to keep up good habits among a backdrop of sugary treats and children’s reluctance to follow a good oral health routine,’ Henry Clover, deputy chief dental officer at Denplan, said.

‘There are several techniques parents can adopt including brushing alongside their children or brushing to music.

‘The most important step is to keep them interested for long enough to reach the vital two minute brushing time and engage them in the importance of cleaning their teeth as soon as their first milk teeth appear.

‘We are encouraging Denplan dental practices to get involved and promote “The Big Summer Brush-Up” as it provides the perfect opportunity to promote the key campaign messages to patients as well as also potentially increasing footfall into practices during the school holidays.’

Helping hand

Many families could use a helping hand in understanding how to take care of their children’s teeth, a new Denplan study has shown.

The study, of over 2,000 parents of children aged two-11, found that many children aren’t brushing properly, which can be a huge challenge for families to tackle.

The survey goes on to show that over a third (37.35%) of children have gone more than a day without brushing their teeth, with over 14% not brushing for two days, and over 80% of children don’t brush for the recommended two minutes each time they brush.

Denplan’s Little Book of Healthy Smiles

Denplan has designed a handy booklet – Denplan’s Little Book of Healthy Smiles – for families to download from

This provides lots of helpful tips on how to brush effectively, including oral health advice from dentists and insights from real mums to other mums.

There is also a brushing chart for them to download.

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