Enhancing your educational skill set

shutterstock_161037938Mani Bhardwaj discusses the importance of making advance courses work for you.

Being proactive is one thing, but then not applying knowledge and skill is simply a waste of time.

So many young dentists are now seeking and taking courses to stand out from the saturated crowd of our profession, but many of them are either simply taking courses that may not give them the boost they need or they just cannot apply the skills they have learnt.

Courses of all kind can be found easily from being marketed in journals and websites or being hosted by some of the well known academic institutes. So what do you actually gain and are actually gaining at all?

If a course does not meet the demands specific for you then it may be the right course but at the wrong time.


There are some great courses to take on the market now: some that aren’t just paper based but allow you to treat patients too. Going from recommendations rather than just an advert is the key but make sure that the skill set learnt will apply to your demands and that you will put the skill to good use.

Learning skills and knowledge that you cannot apply may not always be a complete loss as you may one day be able to continue with this path but may need a booster course just to get you back on track.

A good tip would be look at the demographics that you are in now or that you can see yourself going too soon, and then seek out the courses that you feel would work best for you and for the care of your patients. They don’t always have to be in the cosmetic sector and sometimes improving on core skills can be just as profitable and rewarding too.

The key message to take from here is that we all should continue to grow and learn. We are trained to work with our hands not just our knowledge, so whatever we learn we must be able to practice for bettering our patients’ oral health and cosmetic care.

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