GDC to review approach to fees

The ARF is a mandatory payment for all registrants and registration with the GDC (General Dental Council) is a legal requirement for all dental professionals.

In 2013, the GDC began a review of the approach taken to setting the ARF.

The review found that there were five areas where it could be clearer and more transparent about what it does.

These were:

  • Why the GDC charge fees
  • The language used about charging fees
  • What the GDC spends the income from fees on
  • Why the GDC charges registrants different amounts
  • In what circumstances the GDC will increase fees for different registrant groups.

This consultation document will answer these questions.

It will also seek views on the approach that the GDC will use when setting fees in the future.

Receiving registrant's views on the approach that the GDC intends to take will allow it to be clearer with registrants if it needs to change the fee levels in the future.

The consultation is not about the level of the fee.

If the GDC decides to change the fee levels for registrants they will consult on this separately.

The consultation is now open and the GDC would like to hear views from registrants and the wider dental sector.

The consultation is open until 4 June 2014.

You can have your say here.

Further information about the consultation, including questions and answers and how to have your say, can be found at

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