Many tiers for BDA dentists

The BDA, which represents approximately 23,000 members – 19,000 qualified dentists and 4,000 student dentists through the UK – will offer its members a choice of three packages.

These are designed to reflect various needs, with the organisation having decided that the current ‘one size fits all’ membership is no longer suitable.

All members of the BDA currently pay a flat rate of £546.

But, under this new system, the prices will span from £24 a year for dental students to £1,095 for top-of-the-range membership.

The BDA is also launching a new online continuing professional development ‘hub’ which will be available to all members.

The changes are being introduced, says the BDA, at a time when regulation of the profession has increased and the organisation has expanded to accommodate the growth in demand for specialist advisory services and readily available information.

Dr Martin Fallowfield, chair of the BDA’s principal executive committee, said: ‘Our members are individuals managing increasingly complex healthcare businesses and have different needs, but we know they want flexibility and choice and expect value at all times.  They also expect fairness.  After two years of surveys, focus groups and discussion with our members we believe we have reached a solution that is in all of our interests, individually and collectively.’

Peter Ward, BDA chief executive, said: ‘I believe these changes offer sound value for members, providing choice between packages of exceptional quality as well as the potential for savings.  They make good financial sense for the BDA, which exists for and is owned by its members so all income is used to enhance services and strengthen our collective voice, which is for everyone's benefit.’

All members will receive information and guidance about the new membership scheme this week.

Essential (£295) – covering trade union support, access to online advice, subscriptions to the British Dental Journal and BDA News; access to the brand new online CPD system
Extra (£795) – covering everything in Essential membership plus personal, tailored support and advice via phone or email, and a VIP three-day ticket to the British Dental Conference and Exhibition
Expert (£1,095) – covering everything in Essential and Extra memberships plus exclusive access to BDA Expert (including over 170 model policies and protocols); two three-day DCP tickets to the British Dental Conference and Exhibition; and a BDJ Clinical Guide.
Concessionary rates will also be available:
Students (£24 a year while at university) – covering a range of benefits including access to e-books, BDA publications and free entry to the Conference and Exhibition
Those over 65 (£150) – for access to the Essential membership package


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