Inman Aligner impresses top clinicians in LA

Tif Qureshi and James Russell recently delivered a training course for the Inman Aligner in LA, where they were delighted and humbled to be joined by three of the most prolific and influential professionals in dentistry – Pascal Magne, Ross Nash and Rick De Paul.

Renowned for their exceptional skills and for leading the global dental industry in minimally invasive ceramics, cosmetic veneers and short-term fixed orthodontics respectively, all three clinicians have attended the course to gain hands-on experience with the Inman Aligner and to achieve certification.

'Tif, you did a great job, I admire what you guys are doing to help patients' – Dr Pascal Magne.

'After seeing Tif and James lecture last year, I felt tremendous guilt about the treatment I had done in the past but also amazing excitement about the treatments I could now carry out. The Inman Aligner has been the best thing to have happened to my cosmetic practice in recent times' – Dr Ross Nash.

From very different professional backgrounds, Pascal Magne, Ross Nash and Rick De Paul have proven that the quest for ethical, minimally invasive dentistry really is universal.

Dr Ross Nash and Dr Rick de Paul will be attending future courses with Tif and James in order to become US trainers of the system mastered in the UK.

The Inman Aligner is a highly effective orthodontic solution for misaligned smiles, which can straighten anterior teeth safely in as little as 6-16 weeks.

Attracting such highly regarded clinicians to their programme is an outstanding credit to the Inman Aligner team and this truly raises the bar for other providers!

For more information on the Inman Aligner or upcoming training courses, please visit or phone 0845 366 5477



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