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PrimeSpeak is a leader in communications skills training for dentists and their teams and is set to make a big impact on UK dentistry introducing a new concept in patient communication and one that encourages patients to 'own' their dental problems.

With a growing worldwide reputation from workshops already presented in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, USA and Canada, PrimeSpeak turns the idea that dentists need to 'sell' treatment plans to patients on its head, instead recommending the use of 'soft skills' so that dentist and patient co-discover the solutions to an individual’s dental problems together.

As a prelude to its first UK workshop in January, PrimeSpeak is delighted to announce the launch of PrimeSpeak 24/7; an online webinar containing two newly released PrimeSpeak video presentations.

The first is an explanation by PrimeSpeak’s founder Michael Sernik, introducing dentists to the founding concepts behind Primspeak.

During this short presentation, Michael explains how using PrimeSpeak’s methods to guide patient communication makes patients 'own' their dental problems and understand their need for treatment, causing them to positively seek treatment solutions.

Dentists, who traditionally dislike the concept of 'selling' to patients, are more comfortable with this scenario and are able to overcome objections easily in a relaxed and calm manner.

The impact this has had on dentists is significant and the second video relays the story of dentists’ personal experience of PrimeSpeak and the difference it has made to their practice.

Any member of the practice team can register with PrimeSpeak 24/7 and view the videos as many times as they wish, at a time and place convenient to them.

Simply visit and register. PrimeSpeak’s first UK workshop will take place 18 and 19 January in Solihull, West Midlands, for more details call 0845 345 5767 or email [email protected].

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