Lesley jumps to raise funds

Lesley Naismith, support manager at Software of Excellence, put aside her fear of flying and heights in September, when she parachuted to raise funds for a trip that will provide dental care for orphaned children in Burma.

Lesley headed to Burma in November with Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen and his wife Sharon Bierer, owners of NHS Dentist in Fulham and three other London practices.

Henrik and Sharon came across the Main Thouk Orphanage on Lake Inle in the Shan province of Burma on a holiday trip and resolved that they would return later in the year to provide dental treatment for the orphans. They have self-funded their trip and paid for two of their employees, Zar Ni, their head nurse, and his wife May Myat San, to accompany them.

Thanks to the fund-raising efforts of others, the children have recently been housed in a new building, however, what the children have never had is dental care or dental education.

Henrik, Sharon, Zar Ni and May were joined by Lesley (a qualified dental nurse), taking some of the dental supplies needed to treat the children as they provided 10 days of much needed care, working 12-hour days in four-hour shifts.

Brian Weatherly, president of Software of Excellence, said of Lesley’s venture, ‘I was delighted to support Lesley, Henrik and Sharon in their efforts to help these children. Although an initial target of raising Β£1,500 was set for this year’s trip, it is hoped that we can raise enough money to continue to fund additional SOE staff to go to Burma in the future as the children’s treatment needs will be on-going’.

If you would like to make a contribution please email Lesley at [email protected]


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