Gain discount on aesthetics day

Kerr is offering readers a special discount on a new roadshow kicking off later this month.

Simply quote ‘GGC’ and pay only £80 instead of £199 for a new series of interactive seminars in which delegates can earn 8 hours of verifiable CPD.

Kerr has put together a roadshow comprising a series of interactive days that will allow participants to hear eminent clinicians speak about what’s available and how best to use it followed by that all-important hands-on element.

Opening the tour in Cardiff on 17 November, followed two days later with a turn in Manchester, Chris Orr is excited to be working with Kerr to offer dentists this comprehensive course.

Chris says: ‘Dentists will come along and, rather the traditional seminar where someone comes along and talks all day long and then you go home, we’re going to make it more active than usual.

‘We’re going to be talking about specific techniques, talking about some of the newer, smarter materials that we have available and, as soon as we stop talking about it, the delegates will have practical hands-on exercises sitting right in front of them. This means that they can actually try the things that we’re talking about while it’s all still very fresh in their minds.’

Chris has experience of overseeing hands-on training for both small and large groups and he’s keen to reassure dentists that the hands-on element is always good fun as well as instructional, and Chris will be doing the rounds to make sure no-one gets stuck.

Speaking about the roadshow’s association with Kerr, he says: ‘They have a very, very long track record with certain products; some of their composite filling materials have been around for many, many years and are still very good. They lead the way in certain areas like dental adhesion and bonding. So it’s a really good opportunity for dentists to find out about how the industry leader is developing their portfolio of products to make what were already industry leading products even better and simpler to use for better results.’

Take, for example, Kerr’s SonicFill, a bulk fill composite resin. Its use goes against the grain of traditional dental school teaching because, as Chris says: 'The way the material has been designed you fill the entire cavity all at once, which is much quicker but, because dentists have been told to do it one particular way, it can be difficult for them to get their heads around doing it totally differently. So it’s an important part of the hands-on.

‘The idea of bulk fill composite resin is becoming much trendier. All the major manufacturers have a bulk filling product and, as part of what we’ll talk about, we will look not just at Kerr products but at the whole marketplace. So dentists will be able to go back to their practices understanding not only what Kerr is producing but also what everybody else is doing; how different manufacturers are approaching similar problems, because there is quite a wide range of solutions that are out there.’

Over the coming months, Chris will be followed by leading lights David Winkler, Irfan Ahmad, Trevor Burke and Ron Jackson.

Locations, dates and speakers are as follows:

Hilton, Cardiff

Saturday 17 November 2012 | Chris Orr

The Monastery, Manchester

Monday 19 November 2012 | Chris Orr

Castle View Dental, Windsor

Friday 7 December 2012 | David Winkler

London Zoo, London

Saturday 16 February 2013 | Irfan Ahmad

Coventry Transport Museum, Coventry

Saturday 9 February 2013 | Trevor Burke

The Sage, Gateshead

Friday 15 February 2013 | Irfan Ahmad

London Zoo, London

Saturday 16 February 2013 | Irfan Ahmad

The Roof Gardens, London

Wednesday 6 March 2013 | Ron Jackson

To find out when the roadshow is coming to a town near you and to book your place, please email [email protected] or call the Conference Shop on 0845 873 6299.

Chris Orr is one of the UK’s most prominent cosmetic dentists, practising cosmetic and restorative dentistry in his multidisciplinary clinic in central London. Chris is at the forefront of aesthetic dentistry and currently he is an Accredited Member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a Certified Member of the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the Chairman of the judging panel for the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards, the UK dental industry’s aesthetic awards programme.

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