Dental company MD’s charity appeal

Bharat Sheth, managing director at Micro Minder Plc, is embarking on a landmark charity walk called LOVE OF FAITH later this month.

It aims to raise money for a cause close to his family’s heart, the welfare of deaf-blind and impoverished children in some of the world’s least developed countries.
Calling on support from the UK dental industry, the Sheth family is participating in this very special charity event in support of two charities: SENSE International (a charity for the welfare of deaf-blind people based in the UK with HRH Princess Royal as the Patron) and Shrimad Rajchandra Love & Care (charity working for the upfliftment of deprived children in rural India).

Bharat’s daughter, Tanvika, who was born with severe disabilities, is now 21 years old after having successfully fought critical illness in 2010/2011.

The Sheth family is forever grateful for the help and support of organisations such as SENSE who have helped them through some truly difficult times.
Bharat said: ‘My family and I will be very grateful for any contribution – however large or small. The money raised will go a long way in transforming the lives of deserving and underprivileged children in countries where they do not have a readymade support network. Please help us make a difference”
What makes this charity walk special is that it includes visits to several places of worship and embraces some of the great world faiths starting with a Jain temple, Jewish synagogue and then on to an Islamic mosque, Buddhist and Hindu temples and culminating at the majestic Westminster Abbey. Thus, it celebrates a unity of world religions, while collecting much needed funds for the less unfortunate. 

Your contribution will make a big difference in transforming the lives of deprived children. Here is how your money can help:
·      £15 can buy sensory objects to help a deaf-blind child learn through touch.
·      £25 can provide education to a deaf-blind child for one week.
·      £75 can provide schooling for secondary school education for one year.
·      £150 can save the life of a critically ill baby in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
To support Bharat collect funds for these deserving causes, please visit: now.
More information on the LOVE OF FAITH Charity Walk may be obtained from

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