Favoured by dentists

Pro-Tip Turbo disposable air water syringe tips guarantee the separation of air and water.

The tips have a secure bayonet locking feature to prevent blow-off and a new high power air jet for more effective washing and drying.

Pro-Tip Turbo is favoured by dentists as well as by leading dental equipment experts with extensive knowledge of installation and maintenance of disposable air water syringe tips.

Matt Rowlingson, technical director at Clark Dental said: ‘Clark Dental has been supplying disposable syringe tips on various dental units for the last 15 years.

‘The new Pro-Tip Turbo is certainly a fantastic new development in disposable syringe tips; we have found that you don’t get a drop in air or water pressure like other models before. I would certainly recommend them on our dental equipment.’



Visit the website to claim a free-of-charge starter kit including one Pro-Tip converter and 25 Pro-Tip Turbo tips.


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