Website to help denture patients

The British Association of Clinical Dental Technology (BACDT) has launched an online directory and information resource,, aimed at helping prospective denture patients make informed decisions about their dentures.

The website includes a directory of BACDT accredited denture clinics and a host of denture resources, covering everything from caring for dentures to the types of denture available and their respective benefits.

‘We wanted to make sure there was an authoritative resource available to people looking for advice and information about dentures online.’ says the BACDT’s James Whitehurst.

‘We also wanted to make sure that people looking for denture clinics in their area could have confidence in the quality of service they would receive.

‘Our members have all agreed to abide by the BACDT charter meaning, amongst other things, they are committed to providing high quality service and products and will always put patients’ interests first.

‘There are too many stories in the news about patients receiving substandard, sometimes even dangerous, care. By providing an authoritative directory of great denture clinics throughout the UK, we aim to put a stop to that.’ features sections dedicated to giving patients enough information to make the right decision about their dentures, accompanied by the directory of BACDT registered denture clinics, which can be filtered by location.

The website is supported by a blog and social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

‘We want to get the message out about as quickly as possible,’ says James Whitehurst.

‘The more information people have when they contact a denture clinic, the better. Choosing the dentures that are right for you is an extremely important decision and we want to help people as much as possible with their decision-making process.’

The BACDT is a not-for-profit organisation which represents professional clinical dental technicans, who are registered and regulated by the General Dental Council.

Visit to browse its directory of accredited clinical dental technicians and clinics and find out more about dentures and dental implants.

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