A passion for dentistry: Mhari Coxon

Dental hygienist Mhari Coxon has just been appointed senior professional relations manager at Philips Oral Healthcare UK.

As the highest-ranking female in Dentistry Top 50 poll, she is among those considered the most influential in the profession.

Here, she talks about her role…

This role has been put in place to further develop already strong relationships between the dental profession in the UK and Philips Oral healthcare. The expansion of the team reflects Philips growth and success within the UK and its dedication to supporting our profession.

I will be developing new ways to support the scientific and technological developments in dentistry in the UK, building beneficial relationships with research facilities and academic institutions and continuing to support the programmes we already have in place. I will also provide support to Patricia Rawsthorne in her role as professional education manager.

Philips has always shown a commitment to professional relationships and the team in the UK is passionate about supporting through education and development. This growth shows Philips expanding there efforts.

We are looking at developing plans to support the whole team in practice – and, importantly to me, including the nurses. We want to allow room for creativity in the academic and research environments.

This unique role has been created to assist the already well-established team in developing relationships with the dental world in the UK to:
• Encourage scientific and technological development
• Support the British dental profession in keeping our rightful place among the leading countries in the dental world.

My brain is popping with possibilities just now. I have such a passion for dentistry and do believe that we in the UK have some powerful thought leaders, scientists and a high number of quality professionals. We as a team will be looking at ways we can assist our profession to develop and grow at all levels. I have a lot of listening to do over the coming months!

Philips have been supportive throughout my career, facilitating my lecturing, skill workshops and educational programmes at several dental meetings. They have always been sensitive to and tapped into the changes in dentistry.

Motivational interviewing in dentistry is commonplace now but Philips were providing training programmes and lectures in this years ago.

Now, the mentorship programme Patricia Rawsthorne has developed is at the forefront of clinical skills development and ties in so well with what is happening in terms of lifelong care, reflective practice and patient care pathways.

It is a pleasure to be part of such an enthusiastic team.

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