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A celebrity dentist is offering the UK the chance to try an exciting new dental treatment ahead of everyone else.
Dr Biju Krishnan made headlines after fitting teeth straightening braces for TV presenter Holly Willoughby and has a raft of other clients from the world of TV and music.
Many of these clients – as well as hundreds of his other patients – seek the quick and painless results delivered by adult teeth straightening systems, imported from the US and elsewhere in Europe.
Now the Edinburgh-based cosmetic dentist has developed a dedicated UK-based alternative,  C-FAST (Cosmetically Focussed Adult Straight Teeth) which will launch later this year, giving adults looking for the perfect smile, the chance to do so at a fraction of the price.
To kickstart the UK wide roll out of the treatment, the dentist is looking for a portfolio of volunteer  patients to have the virtually invisible braces fitted at a reduced price, allowing him to build up an in-depth analysis of before and after results, as well as detailed training materials.
Dr Krishnan, co founder of the Lubiju clinic where the treatment will launch, said: ‘The dental treatment we have developed is a fantastic alternative to the US and European models, which while they are effective, can often be expensive.
‘Our new treatment will change the face of UK dentistry, bringing the industry on par with the various teeth straightening treatments available elsewhere in the world.
‘The treatment which offers a virtually invisible solution to orthodontic braces, is perfect for those looking for straighter teeth and what’s even better is they can now get great results in just a matter of months.
‘We are now looking for volunteers, who will receive the treatment for up to 50% less and will play a big part in helping us roll out the treatment and train UK dentists how to effectively fit the braces to give optimum results.
‘Holly Willoughby is one of many celebrity clients who have tried the treatment so far and Holly couldn’t be happier with her results – as her latest Twitter updates show.’
Volunteers will receive up to 50% off the innovative treatment, which will normally cost between £1,500-£3,000.
Those wishing to volunteer, will have an initial free consultation from one of the clinic’s dental experts, who will assess whether the new treatment is the right orthodontic treatment for them and if so they will then begin the treatment which will take between four and nine months to complete.

For more information about becoming a volunteer, you can contact the clinic direct at 0131 553 5959 or on [email protected]


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