Vibraject takes away the patient’s fear

Research shows that one in four patients fear injections – and for one in ten, this fear is so strong that they avoid dental treatment altogether.
The good news for dentists is that it is now possible to completely eliminate the pain of injections by using a simple, reliable and inexpensive device called Vibraject.
Vibraject, which attaches to a conventional dental syringe, has been used successfully in the USA for many years and is now on sale on this side of the Atlantic through Vibraject UK.
With an entry price of just £299, Vibraject puts affordable, pain-free anaesthesia within the reach of every dentist in the UK and will finally remove one of the greatest barriers to the uptake of dental treatment.
The device is a little battery-operated vibrator which clips onto any dental syringe. When the needle pierces the gum two messages are simultaneously transmitted to the patient’s brain – the vibration message and the painful ‘needle prick’ message.

The vibration message arrives at the brain first – probably because it is carried on thicker and better insulated nerve fibres. The brain cannot cope with two messages arriving so close together and only registers the vibration.
Full details can be viewed on the website at which also shows a video of  the device in use along with patients of all ages relating their experiences of treatment with Vibraject.
‘Vibraject is a powerful little practice builder and at less than £300, its return on investment is better than for any other piece of dental equipment I have ever purchased’ says Vibraject user Murray Hawkins.  ‘Any dentist using Vibraject will enjoy a tremendous competitive advantage,’ .

You can place your order online at the Vibraject website,, using a credit or debit card or by telephoning 01747 826222.

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