Oral healthcare: the evidence says it all

Effective daily oral care at home can help maintain a healthy mouth and reduce the onset of oral diseases.

Most dental professionals agree that not all patients have an optimum daily oral care regime and recommend adjuncts to their patient’s oral care routine at home.

It is essential for dental professionals to know which toothpaste delivers clinically proven efficacy in reducing plaque, so their patients can maximise the beneficial effects of twice daily toothbrushing.
Colgate is committed to developing products and services to help support dental professionals in their clinical practice, and is the brand of toothpaste used most often by UK dental professionals. [1]

Colgate Total, first launched in 1993, was the first, and remains the only toothpaste clinically proven to deliver sustained antibacterial protection for 12 hours. [2,3]

The unique formula of triclosan and copolymer in Colgate Total provides superior plaque control for a healthier mouth, and continues to meet the evolving needs of dental professionals and their patients.
Evidence-based dentistry includes the integration of best evidence, clinical judgement and patient values and circumstances.

There are varying levels of filtered and unfiltered information which determine the quality and strength of the evidence. The strength of evidence found within the Department of Health guidance document ‘Delivering Better Oral Health-An evidence-based tool kit for prevention’4 ranges from level V evidence, ‘opinions of respected authorities based on clinical evidence and descriptive studies’, to level I evidence, ‘strongest evidence from at least one systematic review, of multiple, well designed, randomised control trial/s’.
‘Delivering Better Oral Health’ provides advice and support to be given to patients to improve their plaque control and gingival health, and states level I evidence suggests a toothpaste containing triclosan in combination with a copolymer is more effective than fluoride toothpaste in improving plaque control and gingival health.
Studies reported in a recent special issue of the Journal of Clinical Dentistry [5] demonstrate evidence that toothpaste containing 0.3% triclosan and 2.0% copolymer provides superior reduction in plaque and gingival index versus toothpaste containing 0.454% stannous fluoride, sodium hexametaphosphate and zinc lactate.

Additionally, a new clinical study6 shows that Colgate Total is 72% more effective at reducing plaque bacteria regrowth, 12 hours after toothbrushing, versus a stannous fluoride toothpaste.
The new and improved Colgate Total continues to provide superior plaque reduction for better gingival health. Now in addition, it protects sensitive teeth by sealing opening tubules, is more effective at reducing supra-gingival calculus build up, and has improved stain removal properties. Colgate Total contains 1450ppm sodium fluoride providing maximum caries control and protection against erosion.

Now you can protect your patients from the most common and preventable dental problems by recommending new and improved Colgate Total toothpaste reducing plaque, calculus, dental caries, gum problems, sensitive teeth, enamel erosion, bad breath and staining.

Colgate invites you to meet with their experts on stand A14 to discuss the unique technology behind Colgate Total, at the forthcoming BDA Conference and Exhibition, 19-21 May in Manchester.
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