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A recent survey revealed that 1/3 of clinicians questioned are using the Waterpik waterflosser themselves, and recommending it to 75% of their patients.
Clinically proven effective in reducing gingival bleeding and removing plaque biofilm, the Waterpik waterflosser is fast becoming the popular choice for clinicians looking to offer their patients a reliable and simple method of cleaning subgingivally and interdentally.
The Waterpik waterflosser comes with a choice of specially designed tips to suit the cleaning needs of all patients:
• Orthodontic Tip for gentle yet effective cleaning around braces and dental work
• Pik Pocket Tip delivers therapeutic rinses to gum pockets to help tackle periodontal disease
• Plaque Seeker Tip shown to be twice as effective as floss at reducing gingival bleeding*
Give your patients a clinically proven effective means of improving their oral health with the Waterpik waterflosser.
For your professional courtesy discount on the Waterpik waterflosser speak to your wholesaler or visit The product is also widely available in Boots stores.

* Rosema M, Hoenderdos NL, Slot DE, Berchier CD, Versteeg PA, Lyle DM, van der Weijden GA. The effect of interdental cleaning devices on plaque biofilm and gingival bleeding. University of Amsterdam ACTA Nov 2009. Submitted for publication


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