Lily Allen tweets wisdom teeth trauma

Pop star Lily Allen has tweeted about suffering a 16-hour nosebleed after she had her four wisdom teeth removed.

The 25-year-old British singer recently underwent surgery to get rid of the molars, but her recovery proved troublesome.

Lily, whose hit Smile jettisoned her to stardom, is reported to have long been experiencing problems with her gums after she contracted a mouth infection last year, it’s been reported.


In a series of posts on Twitter (above), Lily Allen said that she wasn’t able to sleep all night as she suffered a non-stop nosebleed with the medication proving futile.

Her tweet reads: ‘I have had a nosebleed for 16 hours, I slept upright last night. Chapped lips, mouthful of blood. Not a great start to the weekend.’

She continues: ‘Oh, and hamster cheeks doesn”t even cover it. I did get 10 mgs of morphine though, which was nice. *nods off*.

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