Winter whites with lipstick brights

Glacier white meets sexy siren this party season and what better way to get a dazzling smile than with a Winter Whites with Lipstick Brights tooth-whitening session at NW Smiles.

Celebrity dentist Dr Anjali Rajah, from NW Smiles, starts with your tooth-whitening consultation in her beautiful boutique practice, followed by her recommendation of suitable tooth-whitening treatment.

She then lends her own top beauty tricks to add extra sparkle to your smile, using just a touch of make-up.

Designed to complement your skin tone, colour and age, Dr Anjali Rajah has personally selected the following red carpet reds to give the instant illusion of whiter, brighter teeth.

YSL Sensual Radiance Rouge Volupte 16
Chanel Rouge Allure 09
MAC Matte Red Russian
YSL Rouge True Colour Pure 150

MAC Lustre Cockney
Chanel Rouge Coco Red 22

NARS Jungle Red
YSL Rouge Volupte 22

Dr Anjali Rajah, founder and principal dentist at NW Smiles, says: ‘Whether you’re thinking of tooth whitening in surgery, trying home trays, or using the handy BriteSmile To Go Teeth Whitening Pen as a top up, matching the right shade of lipstick following your dental treatment will instantly lift the level of whiteness to radiate a red carpet smile in style.’

‘Fair, Asian and African skin tones can wear any lipstick colour that has a bluish undertone (orange tones will make teeth look yellow). Olive skin tones however, should use orange toned reds to bring out the best in the brilliance of their smile. There are some lipsticks that all skin shades and ages can try, such as Chanel Rouge Allure in 14 and 5 and MAC’s Ladybug and Viva Glam,’ she adds.

Each tooth-whitening consultation is individually tailored to each patient, so you can maintain looking the best at your age.

Now you can enjoy the youthfully glowing and affordable benefits of using make-up to boost the brightness of your smile.

The Winter Whites with Lipstick Brights consultation is complimentary when booking in for a tooth-whitening treatment with Dr Anjali Rajah at NW Smiles and £15 without.

To make an appointment, call NW Smiles on 0207 724 3003, or email [email protected]

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