Teens list tooth whitening as a ‘back to school’ essential

Tooth whitening was among the ‘back-to-school’ essentials for teenagers, their parents have revealed.

About 45% of parents responding to a poll say that hair highlights, tooth whitening and tattoos were among the items they will buy their offspring as they return to school, according to a new American Express Spending & Saving Tracker survey.

The survey tracks parents’ school-related spending intentions.

According to the US report, 18% of parents intended to buy tooth whitening treatments for their children, and 9% of parents were willing to pay for tattoos for their kids.

On average, parents were spending about $70 on tattoos and tooth whitening, versus $40 on average for their kid’s haircut.

A spokeswoman for American Express. said: ‘I think everyone found the teeth whitening and tattoo results very interesting. The idea was to poll parent consumers on a mix of mundane and some outlandish things that they would buy their kids. We didn’t expect tattoos to even rank in the list.’

The online survey conducted in mid-July, polled more than 2,000 parents.

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