Award-winners guests to speak at Young Dentist Conference

The 2009 Young Dentist Conference is taking place at The Royal College of Physicians in London on Saturday (7 February). 

The event – organised by Dental Protection (DPL) in association with the British Dental Association (BDA) – will be based around three sessions, each featuring a variety of speakers.

The first session, Surgery 101 – Can we live without it?, will pit three young dentists in specialist training against each other in a debate about the value of their chosen area of expertise.

Taking an imaginary scenario in which one of endodontics, periodontics or orthodontics is to be scrapped on the grounds of cost, the session will include a chance for questions and debate from the audience before a vote is taken on which of the three fields is the most dispensable.

One of the biggest challenges reported by young dentists, the discomfort they feel about discussing fees and charging an appropriate hourly rate for their services and this will be the focus of the day’s second session.

It will see a young dentist discuss with a young barrister and young businessperson their experiences in this area and debate how best this aspect of their professional lives can be managed.

Three award-winning young dentists from the UK and overseas will be the focus of the day’s final session.

Chosen for their very different approaches to establishing successful practices, the participants will describe their journeys to success and share insights into what they have learned from their experiences, before the session is opened to questions from the floor.

The sessions will be convened by three experienced figures from the dental community:  BDJ Editor-in-Chief Stephen Hancocks, BDA Chief Executive Peter Ward, and VT Adviser, NHS Adviser and part-time dento-legal adviser for Dental Protection, Raj Rattan.

Tickets for the event, priced at £100 for DPL/BDA members, are available from or by contacting Sarah Garry on 020 7399 1339 or emailing [email protected]

Attendees will qualify for five hours verifiable CPD.

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