Average NHS dental salary of £96k is refuted

Figures for dentists’ earnings and expenses for 2006/07 published this week fail to paint the whole picture.

That’s according to the British Dental Association (BDA).

The figures revealed that dentists earned £96,135 on average in 2006/07, according to the Dental Earnings and Expenses report from The NHS Information Centre.

It’s first overview of dental earnings under the new dental contractual arrangements in England and Wales and considers the tax returns of full and part-time dentists who undertook some NHS work in England and Wales in 2006/7, and covers both their NHS and private work.

Responding to the publication of the Dental Earnings and Expenses, England and Wales, 2006/07 report, published by the NHS Information Centre, BDA Chief Executive Peter Ward said: ‘These figures do not tell the full story. They fail to take into account the clawing back of money from NHS dentists who have failed to meet the flawed treatment targets set for them.

‘We know that almost half of the high street dentists across England and Wales could be subject to such clawback this year, and are currently facing an anxious wait to see whether and how they will be penalised.

‘These figures for the first year of the new dental contract may be further distorted because of factors including the completion of work under the old system and the advance payment for work under the new one.’

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