Calling all writers

2008 is a big year for Preventive Dentistry. We are launching a website in March, and now we can officially announce the launch of the Preventive Dentistry Article Awards (PDAA) in association with Peace of Mind Natural Smiles.

The PDAA will run from this announcement across the year where the winner will be announced in our final 2008 issue in November. We hope that many of our readers will try their hand at writing, firstly for the fantastic prizes offered by Peace of Mind Natural Smiles but also to find out if they can write.

Ian Peace, of Peace of Mind Natural Smiles said: ‘The article awards came about primarily through my passion for preventing dental diseases. This is an area of dentistry that has traditionally been seen as a poor cousin. My primary passion is periodontics but I suddenly realised that this cannot be divorced from other aspects of preventive care. I want to help promote the idea that preventive care is the most important aspect of healthcare by getting others involved in a more proactive way. To me preventive care is the most important aspect of not just dental care but healthcare in general.’

The competition

All you need to do in order to win is to write an article for Preventive Dentistry. The subject matter is

pre-determined and the title we are setting is as follows:

• ‘The way forward: The future of preventive dentistry’

This is not an article about the future of the magazine, but about the future of the practise of prevention in dentistry. We are looking for strong writing ability, an engaging style, entertaining language, forward thinking and insightful views on prevention’s importance in dentistry.

We’ve set a word limit because this subject is big, and one of the best signs of a good writer is being able to say a lot in a small amount of words.

Tom Roberts, managing editor of Preventive Dentistry and Ian Peace, owner of Peace of Mind Natural Smiles, will be judging the articles and the competition.

What if I win?

The aim of the PDAA is to discover talented new writers in the field of preventive dentistry. Whether you are a dentist, hygienist, therapist, nurse, technician etc, your views matter and this competition is not about what you are in the profession, it’s about how well you can write. If you win, don’t expect us to leave you alone, we are always looking for new and talented writers to work on Preventive Dentistry. We will be offering you opportunities to contribute to the magazine whenever the chance arises; we just hope you’ll still take us up on them once you win and

become a famous writer.

Where do I send it to?

Send your entry in to Tom Roberts either by email to:

[email protected], or send in a printed hard-copy to: Thomas Roberts, FMC Limited, 1 Hertford House, Farm Close, Shenley, Hertfordshire, WD7 9AB.

Competition rules

Title: The way forward: The future of preventive dentistry

Word limit: 750 – 1000 words

Deadline: All articles to be submitted no later than 11th July 2008

Prizes: 1st place – £1000 donated by Peace of Mind Natural Smiles, a day in-clinic with Ian Peace at Peace of Mind Natural Smiles in Nottingham, the PDAA first place trophy and your article published in the 2008 November issue of Preventive Dentistry and on with a biography and short interview with you.

2nd place – £250 donated by Peace of Mind Natural Smiles, the PDAA second place trophy and your article published on

3rd place – Your article published on and the PDAA third place trophy.

– Employees of Finlayson Media Communications or Springer Science and their relatives are not eligable to enter this competition.

-Preventive Dentistry reserves the right to publish the name of the winner in the dental media.

– Entries may be used for publicity purposes (no personal details will be disclosed).

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