Smile – you’re on YouTube!

Uploading a video of your deftness with a scaler onto YouTube could prove a valuable way to promote your practice, according to the New York Times.

The website, famous for its entertaining clips, now has a growing list of informative videos – among them a US dentist’s root canal demonstration video which has apparently attracted 11,000 hits in the first two months it was available. This may mean a brand new marketing tool opening up for dentists everywhere.

US dentist Jerry Gordon is the director and star of the 10-minute video, ‘Root Canal Demonstration’. In it he explains the procedure, treats a real patient, and shows each of the steps from painless injection to completion.

‘Do not be afraid of root canal,’ Dr Gordon says at the end as the patient, who looked remarkably calm throughout the procedure, heads for home. ‘This is not an actor,’ he adds. ‘This is real and this is live.’

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