June 2021
On demand: Simple strategies for super successful open day success
Speaker(s): Anthony J. Gedge
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Simple strategies for super successful open day success

Simply put. You cannot afford to miss out on this one of a kind 'open day success' experience, which will assist you in attracting and converting, and doubling the economic and marketing value of new orthodontic patients. It's what Gedge & Co do, day in, day out.

Learning outcomes

For the first time ever, Anthony J Gedge shares ‘six successful open day’ strategies on...
  1. Why every day with Smilemate is an open day
  2. What’s working right now...what’s not working…
  3. TCO must dos before, during and after super successful open days
  4. How to increase virtual word of mouth referrals
  5. Package and promote and profit from your virtual smile journey
  6. Seven prequalifying, pre-trust building systems and SOPs that must be in place to gain maximum open day attendance and conversion and profit.

Speaker: Anthony J. Gedge

Anthony J. Gedge (Digital Disrupters of Dentistry) and Co have actively marketed aligners for over 15 years. The top 20 CfastSmileTru aligner customers have used Gedge and Co to generate and convert pre-qualified Ortho leads. Gedge and Co have also captured over an estimated half a million Ortho leads, millions of website hits, hundreds of thousands of measured and recorded phone calls and free and paid consults. PLUS, hundreds of thousands of Ortho guide downloads and six-piece comprehensive trust packages sent in the post before any human interaction. Gedge likes to call this a "TCO in a Box."
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