Medical history in patients with fibromyalgia
Dentistry Webinar - Live
23 April 7:00pm London

Medical history in patients with fibromyalgia

Speaker: Professor Stjohn Crean
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Medical history in patients with fibromyalgia

In this webinar, VSSAcademy shines a light on the importance of understanding patients' medical history, especially with patients suffering chronic or long-term conditions, and in this specific case, fibromyalgia.

Join Professor Stjohn Crean as he interviews VSSAcademy's own Zoe Miller who lives with fibromyalgia.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the importance and relevance of gathering medical history
  • Learn how to ask patients the correct questions and what to do with the responses
  • Develop a general understanding of how fibromyalgia can affect patients in their daily lives
  • Develop a general understanding of how the effects of fibromyalgia can interfere with dental care.

Speaker: Professor Stjohn Crean

Professor Crean was appointed as Pro Vice-Chancellor Research and Enterprise in December 2019, having been Pro Vice-Chancellor for Clinical, Health and Research since July 2017. He previously served the University in a number of senior academic roles including Executive Dean of the Faculty of Clinical and Biomedical Sciences, Director of Dental Research and Knowledge Transfer, and Dean of the School of Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education.

StJohn gained a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery (BDS) from University College London in 1981 before attaining an MB BS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) from University College London School of Medicine in 1992. He gained a PhD from the UCL in 2000, a Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education from the University of Cambridge, and has recently been awarded LLM (Medical Ethics and Law) with the University of Edinburgh.

Beyond the University, StJohn is an Honorary Consultant at East Lancashire Hospital Trust and the University of Morecambe Bay Hospitals Foundation Trust. He is currently the Robert Bradlaw advisor in the Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and Editor-in-Chief of the Faculty Dental Journal (FDJ). He has held the posts of President of the North West Branch of the British Dental Association and Chairman of the Fylde Section.

His ongoing research interests include the safe management of medicalised patients in dentistry and the role of oral bacteria in systemic disease, with a focus on neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. He has over 120 peer reviewed publications and receives regular invitations to speak to learned societies and conferences.

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