January 2024
Introduction to early intervention orthodontics with clear aligners
Speaker(s): Steffen Decker
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Introduction to early intervention orthodontics with clear aligners

Steffen Decker will focus on the management of growing patients from the age of five years old with clear aligners.

The knowledge received will strengthen the clinical scope of practice with Early Intervention using clear aligners with a comprehensive approach taking into account growth, breathing and tongue posture.

Learning outcomes

  • Range of malocclusions that can be treated with early intervention orthodontics
  • How breathing and tongue posture can impact development and formation of malocclusions
  • Class 1, 2 and 3 treatments
  • Mandibular advancement in clear aligners
  • Where to learn more.

Speaker: Steffen Decker

  Steffen Decker is a specialist orthodontist and has a further masters degree in lingual orthodontics. He is a Kois recognised specialist and international speaker. He is extremely passionate about early interceptive orthodontics and belongs to the top clear aligner providers in the world for growing patients. He has achieved this by predominantly treating children with clear aligners from the age of five years over the last five years. Since focusing on early interceptive treatments his practice has grown considerably since he resumed the protocols that he used in his practice in Germany and Switzerland. Treating growing patients has given Steffen a renewed sense of job satisfaction and brought happiness back to his profession, as well as as added income. Take this opportunity to learn the techniques that differentiates you from your competitors and gives you a completely different approach to treating patients with clear aligners.
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This Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity fully complies with the CPD requirements of the General Dental Council. FMC certifies this activity for one hours of enhanced CPD in the subject of Introduction to early intervention orthodontics with clear aligners.

This CPD meets the criteria for the GDC’s development outcome C.

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