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The Green Hygienist – recycling symbols decoded
Is a greener practice one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2023? This month the Green Hygienist, Lottie Manahan, breaks…
Are toothpaste tabs the future? – the pros and cons
Lottie Manahan weighs up the pros and cons of toothpaste tabs – and why they might just be the future.…
Oral health
The Green Hygienist – empower your dental team with sustainability
‘A solid starting line for practices’: Lottie Manahan discusses how you and your team can achieve sustainability in your dental…
The Green Hygienist – how climate change is affecting oral health
‘The effects of climate change are already happening’: Lottie Manahan, the Green Hygienist, discusses the impact global warming is having…
Health & research
The Green Hygienist – your hygiene department could help drive a greener practice
Lottie Manahan reveals how putting time and effort into hygiene can lead to a greener practice.  The whole team has…
Oral health
The Green Hygienist – how to improve your carbon footprint in dentistry
Lottie Manahan discusses some of the tops ways for dental team to offset their carbon footprint in the practice.  On…
Oral health
The Green Hygienist – creating a sustainable reception in your dental practice
Lottie Manahan lists 10 steps you and your team can take to make your practice reception area more sustainable.  Not…
The green hygienist – the problem of single-use plastics in dentistry and what needs to happen
Lottie Manahan talks about single-use plastics and why dental professionals need to rethink their responsibilities.  The Journal of Dentistry had…
Oral health
The green hygienist – five things practices can do to make a sustainable change
Lottie Manahan reveals her top five tips for embracing the green lifestyle and making your dental practice more sustainable. A…
Oral health
Dental news you’ve missed this week
Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days… The Dentistry Awards…
The green hygienist – why do we need sustainable dentistry?
Lottie Manahan kicks off the first instalment of The Green Hygienist, a new column focusing on sustainable dentistry.  This month…
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