Periodontal Disease

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Don’t forget the gums: your legal responsibilities around periodontal disease
Paul Lambden reminds readers of their legal responsibilities around periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a chronic multifactorial inflammatory condition that…
Biofilm and periodontal disease
The second in a series of articles focusing on plaque biofilm, this instalment explores the issue of symbiosis and dysbiosis,…
Oral health
What is biofilm? An updated evidence base
The first in a series of three, this article considers the basics of biofilm, taking the reader on an evidence-based…
Oral health
Straight to the Point – the periodontally compromised patient
For this month’s Straight to the Point column, Saba Qureshi discusses what to be aware of with orthodontic treatment for…
Anxious and periodontally compromised tooth whitening case
Melica Bastani, an award winning dental hygienist, presents an anxious and periodontally compromised tooth whitening case study for a patient…
Aesthetic dentistry
Obesity increases risk of tooth loss, study shows
There is a clear link between obesity and tooth loss, a study involving more than 200,000 people has shown.  A…
Oral health
Oral health – is there a need for a change in ethos?
Laura Bailey considers dental hygienists’ and dental therapists’ scope of practice, as well as the significance of these in practical…
Oral health
Detecting periodontal disease with AI
Muhammet Burak Yavuz summarises his artificial intelligence solution presented at Europerio10, which automatically detects periodontal disease from bitewing X-rays. On…
Clinical Dentistry
Non-surgical periodontal regeneration
Join Dr Hiten Halai for his webinar on non-surgical periodontal regeneration on 30 August at 7pm. Periodontal regeneration is considered…
Oral health
SDCEP to publish research into prevention of periodontal diseases
The Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP) is soon to publish research into the prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases…
Dentistry Scotland
The human and economic cost of periodontal disease
Benjamin Tighe explores the cost of periodontal disease, considering not only the financial implications at various stages of development but…
Managing periodontal diseases in primary care using the Healthy Gums Do Matter toolkit
Shazad Saleem will discuss how to manage periodontal diseases in primary care during a free webinar tonight at 19:00. The…
Oral health
Restoring aesthetics and function for a bride-to-be
Simran Chaggar discusses the effectiveness of treating advanced periodontal disease with full arch dental implant rehabilitation. The prognosis for patients…
Implant dentistry
Healthy mouth, healthy you
Jackie Tarling considers the links between diet, lifestyle and oral health by adapting and updating commissioned articles by Paul Clayton…
Oral health
Michael Awua-Mensah – a life in dentistry
We find out a little more about dentistry in Ghana from dentist, Michael Awua-Mensah. He discusses his path into the…
Conversations on perio disease
Join Alif Moosajee for a free webinar covering everything you need to know about perio disease on Tuesday 17 November…
Oral health
The EME approach to tackling oral hygiene education
Amber Ojak introduces her EME approach to oral hygiene education, which will help influence behaviour change both in and out…
Oral health
Tooth loss increases risk of cardiovascular diseases
Researchers have identified a clear link between periodontis, calcification of the carotid artery and heart disease. Scientists at Malmö University…
Around 40% of claims costs are for treatment started more than a decade ago
Almost 40% of costs for dental claims made in 2018 relate to cases where treatment started 10 or more years…
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