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Dr Josh Virdee describes his experience with the Dawson Academy
Find out why the Dawson Academy courses are ‘hidden gems’. For more information visit www.thedawsonacademy.uk.
Aesthetic dentistry
Quick tips – sharing the vision with a trial smile
Dr Ian Buckle of the Dawson Academy UK discusses the importance of sharing your vision with the patient. For more…
Minimally invasive solutions with Dr Ian Buckle
Our goal and our duty is to do restorative dentistry as minimally invasive as possible. We want to preserve tooth…
Aesthetic dentistry
Moving away from your comfort zone
Hear about Phil Teggart’s journey through the Core Curriculum at The Dawson Academy. ‘I’m glad I came out of my…
A course that’s completely ‘worth it’
‘This is the best thing that happened to me as a dentist and for my patients. It has been so worth…
Advanced courses to continue your education
Dr Nick Allday describes his experiences with the Dawson Academy UK and why he decided to continue his education with…
Change your dentistry forever and join us at the Dawson Academy
Hear from Dr Bhupinder Bhogal, teaching assistant for Dawson Academy UK and BD Seminars on reasons to attend the Core…
Aesthetic dentistry
The Dawson Academy UK and BD Seminars
Hear from Dr Ian Buckle on why you should attend The Dawson Academy Core Curriculum. Plus hear from delegates on…
Aesthetic dentistry
The lightbulb moment
Neil Harris explains how the Dawson Academy helped him to have his lightbulb moment. Throughout dental school we were taught…
Aesthetic dentistry
‘The Dawson philosophy has changed my dentistry forever’
Manoj Joshi qualified form Liverpool Dental Hospital in 2005 and currently practices at Oasis Dental Care, Stafford. Here’s how Monoj got involved…
What do I do when a ‘complex case patient’ walks through the door?
Ian Humphreys gives his experience of using the Dawson academy. ‘My only regret is that I didn’t start taking the…
Aesthetic dentistry
After 20 years, everything finally makes sense! I can solve just about any problem I am faced with
Steve Lomas has completed the basic learning series ‘The Core Curriculum’ with The Dawson Academy UK This year has been…
Courses that will change the way you work
Rena Uberoi describes her experience of using The Dawson Academy to improve her dentistry. It is not very often you come across…
Aesthetic dentistry
Improving your dentistry
Shabs Patel describes his experience of using The Dawson Academy to improve his dentistry. 1. Tell us about yourself and…
Aesthetic dentistry
Dentistry courses that are worth a 650-mile round trip
Noel Perkins gives his experience of the Dawson Academy’s extensive training courses. Dentistry: Tell us about yourself and your dental history…
Aesthetic dentistry
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