A course that’s completely ‘worth it’

IMG_0701---Copy‘This is the best thing that happened to me as a dentist and for my patients. It has been so worth it!’ Anna Karlsson gives her journey with the Dawson Academy UK.

I have been a general dentist in Stockholm, Sweden since June 2006. I went to dental school at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm and have worked at a private practice ever since I started working. In 2012 I started my own business together with my husband who worked at a different practice. In April 2014 I moved to a practice in the Old Town of Stockholm and that’s pretty much where it all began.

After dental school I didn’t realise the width of the knowledge I was missing being a dentist. I looked in to my patients’ mouths and found that there was some sort of imbalance going on. I could tell there was wear, mobility, migrating teeth, clicking joints and patients telling me about headaches and soar muscles. Was it really only for psychological reasons?


Missing piece of the puzzle

Being a bruxer myself I started searching for the missing piece of the puzzle. My colleague at the practice that I moved to had gone through the core curriculum a few years earlier and recommended us to sign up, so we signed up for seminar one in February 2015 and finished the seven parts in September 2016.

Finding the Dawson Academy and going through the full core curriculum is the best thing that happened to me as a dentist and also for my patients. Being able to understand their problems and being able to actually solve them is so rewarding! Thank you so much to Dr Pete Dawson, Dr Glenn DuPont, Dr John Cranham, Dr Ian Buckle and everyone else being part of the Dawson Academy for all you do and for being the inspiration that we need!


Swedish study club

Now that my husband and I have gone through the full core curriculum together, meaning travelling long distances, spending time away from our kids and practices over the past one and a half years, we would definitely do it again to get the knowledge that we now have, without hesitation.

It has been so worth it! We are just about to start the first study club in Sweden and begin our journey as ambassadors, providing support and help to the lecturers and new students. We really suggest that every dentist out there who would like to help their patients sign up for the basic core curriculum, you will not regret it!

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