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Rena Uberoi (far right) describes her experience of using The Dawson Academy to improve her dentistry

Rena Uberoi describes her experience of using The Dawson Academy to improve her dentistry.

It is not very often you come across things in your career that can have a profound affect on how you carry on practising.

Having come from a background of general dentistry and having the opportunity to evaluate, I soon came to realise that there was a piece of the jigsaw that I hadn’t quite worked out. There are many times we may go on courses and feel ‘better’ that we got that piece of paper and from day one do nothing to change. Most courses show us fabulous photos and say we can do this – but how?

The Dawson Academy

Having a curious mind I had heard of The Dawson Academy and I was looking into going to the USA to be enlightened. Then a chance advert in a dental journal said that Dawson had arrived in England. How could I miss this opportunity? Luckily the lovely Sally answered the phone and explained how the course was structured and then with the 10% discount I was enrolled.

It can be quite daunting and overwhelming to think whether you will ever be able to meet the challenges such a course could offer. I remember on our first day feeling very nervous and apprehensive over whether I was capable of practising occlusion with predictability and confidence. I was even more overwhelmed when I met Ian Buckle – the guru of aesthetics! I remember attending a lecture by him a few years ago and sitting there thinking: ‘I want to be able to do that, but how?’

Having been asked what do I want to gain from the course, my answer was: ‘To be less stupid.’ That’s it, we all want to get better at what we do and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of mentors. The magic was that they all came from a background of practising general dentistry. They understood where I was coming from and what problems we were likely to see and experience. Ian’s familiar phrase: ‘Ask me how I know!’ says it all.

The course

IMG_5572Its really reassuring to know that the course has been set out it with much thought and a lot of evaluation. There is nothing they teach that they don’t do themselves. Everything is tried and tested before and taught so beautifully simply to take the fear away from practising great dentistry.

The course has been carefully structured so that your hand is being held through this steep learning curve. Everything from examination to creating those beautiful smiles that you’ve always aspired to with logic and confidence. You are taught the skills to make your patients journey from an average one to an awesome experience. You quickly learn how much your patients value the thoroughness with which you examine and treat them – these are some of the skills that you are taught on the course. Your patients feel that you really care for their best interests.

I always remember Pete Dawson’s quote: ‘Would I do it to me?’ Your staff and your patients soon realise that this is different, this is dentistry with integrity.

Work with passion and inspiration

I would like to thank Ian for his amazingly realistic and down to earth approach in his teaching and mentoring roles. His dedication and passion for sharing his experiences and knowledge with us is appreciated by me every moment of everyday that I practise. I really appreciated the time and effort that had gone into planning these courses and the rest of the team that were around to help and assist.

If you wish to feel inspired and carry on working with passion and inspiration then begin your journey here.

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