‘The Dawson philosophy has changed my dentistry forever’

IMG_3768Manoj Joshi qualified form Liverpool Dental Hospital in 2005 and currently practices at Oasis Dental Care, Stafford. Here’s how Monoj got involved with the Dawson Academy UK in 2014.

I knew a few friends who had previously attended the Core Curriculum and heard so much about how beneficial they found it and how they now understood so much more about occlusion. As a result, it had always been my intention to do the course, but I held back as I was a predominantly NHS dentist. I had done a few courses in the past that were good but never felt I could deliver and practice on my patients on a daily basis due to them being more cost driven.

Moving on to the next level

IMG_0041---CopyI first met Ian on a local lecture at one of the laboratories I used. He was talking about occlusion and splints. Whilst listening to his short but very informative lecture I was thinking that I could take my knowledge to the next level by enrolling onto the course. He made the topic of occlusion make even more sense and what struck me most was how approachable and down to earth he was, which I find to be a rarity in our field. But again I thought this is something I will do when I have moved into private dentistry.

However, I first got involved with the Dawson Academy by being a complete patient myself. When my TMJ symptoms flared up I booked myself an appointment with Ian and Buckle Advanced Dental Care without any hesitation and travelled over to see him. Having personally been on the receiving end of the complete care dentistry that is at the centre of the Dawson Academy philosophy, I realised that this actually is on another level of dental care. Being treated by Ian and his team confirmed my desire that I had to do this course now and that I needed to deliver this standard of care to my patients too, but again thoughts crossed my head…would I be able to do this on a daily basis?

I attended the three-day summer seminar in 2014, where there were some fantastic speakers, again all with the same philosophy of ‘would I do it on me’. These three days totally changed my perception of patient care and, despite still working in the NHS, I bit the bullet and signed on to the Core Curriculum.

IMG_0034I have just completed the third module of equilibration and have enjoyed every moment of it. Meeting other dentists from across the world all with the desire to improve their clinical work for the benefit of their patients helps to drive my willingness to keep improving and learning more.

Ian’s delivery of the core curriculum is nothing short of fantastic. He is not teaching you anything that isn’t practised by him and he stays true to his values. You can see clearly his passion for dentistry and for the complete team approach to dentistry. The course gives you four key factors in being able to change your dentistry forever:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Encouragement
  3. Support
  4. Confidence.

Complete care

With Ian’s caring and down to earth manner, you can see that he truly wants you to take on this knowledge and use it successfully on your patients too. He always reminds you that he too had struggles in trying to implement the complete approach from principals, support staff and of course from patients themselves, but by staying true to the core principles, he has become successful and now has his own practice with complete care being it’s central philosophy.

Even though I still work within the NHS, I am applying the skills and knowledge I have gained on a day to day basis. I have surprised even myself. As a result of having the knowledge about occlusion and its potential effects on TMJ, when I’m faced with explaining signs, symptoms, risks and solutions to patients about their TMJ/occlusal problems I am able to comfortably and confidently talk about the topic, helping them to understand the issue and appreciate the extra effort that has been made to help them reach this level of understanding. Not all will go on to accept treatment but there will be some that do and those that don’t I feel that at least now they understand their condition a little bit better and they know where to come to if the signs turn into symptoms.

Being on the Dawson Academy core curriculum has changed my dentistry forever and now there is no way of going back to the old way of doing things. By performing a complete examination and taking the right records, then using the step by step approach makes treatment planning simple and clear. Having knowledge of occlusion means the treatment delivered will be aesthetic, functional and reliable. I’m so glad I took the plunge and enrolled onto the course as it’s making dentistry enjoyable once again and by taking on more complete care patients it automatically becomes profitable.

What’s on next at the Dawson Academy?

September 2015:

October 2015:

If you would like to reserve your place, then contact Felicity or Sally-Ann on +44 (0)151 342 0410 or [email protected].

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