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90 seconds during lockdown with…David Houston
Today we find out how David Houston has been using his time during the coronavirus lockdown. David Houston David Houston…
Private Practice
Festive lights at the end of the tunnel
With many practices shut across the country, David Houston suggests now might be a good time to look at pulling…
Private Practice
Dentistry’s game changers – David Houston on the development, science and tools
To celebrate 25 years of Dentistry magazine, we’ve asked leading dental professionals for their game-changing innovation that shaped their career. In…
Implant dentistry
Houston Dental Group acquired by Alliance Dental Care in landmark dental deal
Houston Dental Group has been sold through specialist business property adviser, Christie & Co, to regional operator, Alliance Dental Care.…
Unhappiness rife amongst NHS dentists
Happiness amongst NHS dentists is dropping to new lows, according to the 2018 NHS Confidence Monitor survey from Practice Plan.…
Is working in NHS dentistry like being in a pot of boiling water?
A bunch of frogs in a pot of boiling water trying to negotiate how fast the temperature is being turned…
Learning from a laboratory experiment
David Houston explains the difficulties he overcame to build his new laboratory, conference and exhibition space in Weston-super-Mare. If I knew…
Re-inventing the wheel
Dr David Houston outlines how he has successfully grown his group of practices using a hub-and-spoke system Our group of…
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NHS uncertainty continues to crush professional confidence
A group of key opinion leaders recently met to explore the results of Practice Plan’s NHS Confidence Monitor in greater…
Dentistry Features
Monitoring NHS dentistry
Following the release of the NHS Confidence Monitor – an independent survey commissioned by Practice Plan to monitor the profession’s…
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