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The young practice owner – where next?
So you’re a young dentist who has just brought a practice? Where do you go next with so much to…
So you’ve been on one dental implant course, should you do another?
Just because you’ve done an implant course previously and it hasn’t worked out, doesn’t mean implant dentistry isn’t for you,…
Implant dentistry
How to build on your previously gained implant skills
Do you feel like your implant cases aren’t progressing? Colin Campbell explains why The Campbell Academy may have the answer.…
Implant dentistry
Do you have the clinical confidence to place dental implants?
If you’re wondering how to further grow your practice, Colin Campbell explains how implant dentistry can help. For many practice…
Implant dentistry
Am I ready to take on implant dentistry?
How do I know if I’m skilled enough to become an implant dentist? Colin Campbell explains. Surprisingly this is a…
Implant dentistry
Failed education
Worried you could be wasting money on a dental implant course? Colin Campbell explains how to get a return on…
Implant dentistry
Ten questions to ask yourself before booking an implant course
Colin Campbell, director of The Campbell Academy, explains some of the key questions you should ask yourself before booking onto…
Implant dentistry
The essential requirements of a top class implant course
The Campbell Academy explains what you should expect from an excellent implant course. An excellent implant course knows who it…
Implant dentistry
Is it time to take your surgical skills beyond extractions?
Colin Campbell explains how you can grow your surgical skills in a safe and measured way. Can you remember your…
Implant dentistry
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