So you’ve been on one dental implant course, should you do another?

Just because you’ve done an implant course previously and it hasn’t worked out, doesn’t mean implant dentistry isn’t for you, Colin Campbell says.

There is a staggering statistic in implant dentistry in the UK, 93% of people that attend a surgical-based course, are not routinely placing implants two years following the course.

That sentence and that alone inspired us to put together The Campbell Academy and the programme that we have today. We felt this was an outrageous state of affairs where people were providing education for their own benefit and not for the benefit of the people attending.

The Campbell Academy is committed to taking people on a journey in implant dentistry and assisting them in any way that we can towards placing 50 implants a year or more, throughout their career. One of the great difficulties we come up against is people who have already been on a course. Many people have invested in a masters degree or a year course in implant dentistry, only to find they don’t have the confidence, support or skills to take implant dentistry to their practice on a day-to-day basis. It is essential that you understand that implant dentistry is a multifaceted area of dentistry that requires skills, not only in a surgical and restorative aspect of dentistry but also in communication. Understanding both marketing and business growth allows you to harness the opportunities in implant dentistry in an honest and ethical way for the benefit of your patients and your team.

What suits you best

Just because you have been on a course previously and it hasn’t worked for you doesn’t mean that it will not work for you now. It is very much a case of ‘horses for courses’ and talking to dentists honestly about where they are in their implant career and what would suit them best; we are happy to do that for every single delegate at the academy.

We are also happy to provide bespoke education throughout courses, like our Year Implant Course, to make sure people get the maximum benefit for the level that they are at and to introduce them to appropriate mentors to then take them forwards.

Following completion of straightforward courses we have advanced, complex and master classes beyond complex to help take people all the way through their career. We even have people on our courses that are now part of the faculty teaching. That is the type of progression we are interested in. Don’t give up if you have been on a course before and it wasn’t for you, it might have been the wrong course, the wrong time, it may well be the time to reinvigorate yourself again and start once more on a journey that can be both fulfilling and inspiring.

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