How to build on your previously gained implant skills

Do you feel like your implant cases aren’t progressing? Colin Campbell explains why The Campbell Academy may have the answer.

Are you stuck in a dental implant rut? Are you scared to progress to more complicated cases? Does almost every case that you see feel like it is out of your comfort zone?

There is a well designated pathway through the training in implant dentistry, from straightforward cases, advanced cases to complex cases, but it is important you do them in the right order.

For guys who have started doing low level implant dentistry and do perhaps four or five cases a year in the practice it is very difficult to keep the momentum going. The indemnity charges from the defence unions makes this almost untenable. Let alone the investment in the team and the equipment that is required to allow you to place dental implants.

Implant pathway

If you find yourself in a situation where you are not becoming more skilled in implant dentistry and not able to take on cases. If you feel there is a larger degree of complexity in some cases than those of a more simple level, then why not have a chat to us at The Campbell Academy; we provide a designated pathway through training in implant dentistry from straightforward cases to the advanced and complex cases. We can have a good chat with you and decide where you sit on the spectrum and discuss with you possible opportunities that will bring you on. Not just in the application of implant dentistry but also the things that go around it, including marketing and practice development. If this seems like something you are interested in and you would like to take the leap to the next part of your career, then why not contact us.

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