Dr Gerd Frahsek

Dr Gerd Frahsek owns a private clinic in Velbert Langenberg, located 30 miles from Cologne in Germany. Together with five other dentists Gerd focuses on tooth preservation and implant dentistry by using adhesive dentistry, digital technologies and full ceramics. He is also in an international speaker who has been lecturing for years on CAD/CAM (Cerec, Inlab, ceramic materials, 3D printing) and 3D imaging including integrated implant dentistry, guided surgery and implant restorations in Germany, Europe, Middle East and Asia.  As well as this, Gerd is an author of various articles related these topics. In 2000 he invested in Cerec technology and digital imaging which ten years later included 3D imaging. Since 2007 he’s been providing his patients with Zirconia restorations that were produced in his own lab set up in his practice. In 2017 he got his first 3D printer. After he introduced Primescan to his clinic in 2019, analogue impressions became a rare exception in his daily practice. In April 2021 Gerd became the first dentist to test Primeprint Solution. Privately he enjoys spending time with his family, especially his grandchildren. He also enjoys pottering in his garden and when he is not travelling, he likes to focus on landscape and city photography. Website: www.dr-frahsek.de

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