Dr Simon Fieldhouse

Simon qualified in 1992 at Liverpool University Dental Hospital. he stayed in Liverpool and worked in the Mersey Regional Maxillofacial Unit, where he completed his specialist training. During this time, his research was related to 3D analysis of the head and neck and tumour mapping using MRI. Simon has spent the last 11 years developing the Dutch Barton Practice in Bradford-on-Avon. He describes the practice as a 'scene from Heart Beat' when he bought the practice in 2007. Since then, the practice has invested heavily in technology which enables him to follow the complete digital workflow. Simon accepts referrals for all forms of surgery and implants. He uses the full range of digital technology to enable him to plan 3D implant surgery, bridgework, and simple crowns. The practice has continued to develop the portfolio of digital treatments with further investment, resulting in a better work environment.

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