Dr Sherif Kandil

Dr. Sherif Kandil, an orthodontist and innovator, with over a decade of experience in the industry has revolutionized dental health with his expertise in material science and software engineering. Leading the industry with over 4,500 successful clear aligner treatments, seven patents, and over 170 lectures worldwide, Dr. Kandil has significantly advanced the clear aligner space.

Founding K Line Europe in 2018, he pioneered the invention of the eco-friendly and revolutionary 4D shape-shifting aligner, ClearX, blending cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices to enhance patient experiences. His journey, from obtaining his dental degree in 2006 and specializing in orthodontics in 2012, to establishing three startups, illustrates his commitment to innovation, sustainability, and improving lives.

Dr. Kandil's work not only showcases his foresight and dedication but also marks a new era in orthodontics, promising a future where technology and environmental consciousness converge for the betterment of patients and the planet.

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