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Runa Mowla-Copley

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Runa Mowla-Copley BDS, DipOrth graduated from Sheffield University in 1995 and has limited her practice to orthodontics for almost 10 years. She has worked at a number of prestigious practices in central and south London. A member of the British Orthodontic Society, Runa has a diploma in orthodontics from Warwick University. Runa is passionate about orthodontics and is an experienced Damon System user. She is also author of children’s fiction Charlie’s Thumb.
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The Damon Bracket system

Runa Mowla-Copley interviews Dwight Damon about the development of the Damon Bracket system. Dr Dwight Damon (pictured above) is, in my view, one of the world’s most famous orthodontists for his pioneering work in improving the quality and efficiency of clinical orthodontics. He is recognised for the development of the Damon Bracket system, a passive … Continued

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