Justin Underwood

Justin Underwood

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Justin Underwood graduated in 2011 at Cardiff University in addition to gaining an intercalated Bsc in oral diseases. During this year his research around dental implants was published and presented in the London’s Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre at the International Association of Dental Research conference. Justin is currently studying towards his Msc in endodontics and is a member of the British Endodontics Society and European Endodontology Society.

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What is four-handed dentistry?

Justin Underwood explains why four-handed dentistry is so important and what’s involved. Which group of verbs summarise the typical working day for your nurse: straining, stretching, searching, twisting, leaning or transferring, handing, presenting, delivering and passing? We are all self-taught when it comes to ergonomics in a dental setting. Let’s face it, young dentists tend…

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