Howard Thomas

Howard Thomas

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Following his degree in biochemistry, Howard’s early career was in the pharmaceutical industry, where he worked for a number of the large multinationals before becoming CEO of Merck for 11 years. After leaving Merck, Howard set up his own company, Britannia Health Products. Britannia Health Products developed and launched the world’s first Evening Primrose Oil product (Efamol), which really established the market for health supplements. Subsequently, Howard introduced Imedeen, a natural product for preventing wrinkles and damage to the skin caused by free radicals and ultra violet light, which received tremendous press coverage as a breakthrough in the prevention of premature skin ageing when it was launched. Since 1980, Howard has worked with many research groups developing ‘natural remedies’ and has been involved with many health-related organisations. He set up his own nutritional supplement companies for the human and veterinary markets and also has been director of a number of biotechnology start-up companies in the Cambridge area. Until recently, his principle activity was as chairman of Life Plus Europe, a successful multi-level marketing company supplying nutritional products on a personal import basis throughout Europe. In January 2001, he sold that business to the US affiliate and is now taking a much more active role in the management and product development of Oraldent Ltd. Howard is focusing on developing a range of natural products for the dental market. The dental market in terms of product development has been neglected by companies, yet over 90% of the population has some form of gum disease and suffer from minor to severe discomfort.
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