Delegate explains why Invisalign Live 2024 is a must-attend

Delegate explains why Invisalign Live 2024 is a must-attend

Hannan Saleem discusses the upcoming Invisalign Live 2024 event, helping dentists to transform their clinical outcomes from 7-8 June in London.

Invisalign Live 2024 is less than one month away! The event is a tailored education pathway to help dentists and orthodontists transform how they deliver superior clinical outcomes and patient experiences.

Taking place at the brand new, contemporary event space Sancroft, in the shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral, London from 7-8 June, this year’s reimagined event is designed to help digital dentistry practitioners understand how to better leverage the Align Digital Platform. It also sees plenty of networking opportunities, plus delegates are invited to attend a three-course Gala meal, enjoy live music and entertainment on the evening of Saturday June 8. The evening also recognises and celebrates outstanding achievements from Invisalign providers and their teams during the Invisalign Awards 2024.

Hannan Saleem, business manager of the London Dental Centre and winner of Align Technology-sponsored Dental Practice Accelerator programme, explains why he is looking forward to attending with two of his associates and what he expects to learn.

What are you most looking forward to about Invisalign Live?

Firstly, I am eager to attend the specific lectures, especially those focusing on transformative innovation with the Align Digital Platform and the sessions on critical success factors in orthodontic treatment.

Additionally, I am looking forward to seeing Align’s latest technologies first-hand, such as the iTero Lumina, which promises to enhance our practice workflow and patient care. Moreover, the opportunity to network with industry leaders and peers is invaluable. This event also provides a platform to reconnect with old friends and colleagues, further enriching the experience.

Which of the speakers are you most interested in hearing?

Simon Beard, Sree Kolli, and Zelko Relic speak: Simon Beard’s extensive experience in market development and operational execution will provide insights into strategic growth. Sree Kolli’s expertise in digital product and technology strategies will be crucial for understanding the future of digital dentistry. Zelko Relic’s focus on innovation and technological advancements will be highly beneficial in leveraging innovative technologies for our practice.

Why do you think it is important for you to attend events such as Invisalign Live?

It’s essential for staying at the forefront of dental practice management and technological advancements, plus offers unparalleled opportunities for professional development through exposure to cutting-edge innovations, best practices, and strategic insights from industry leaders. Such events also foster networking and collaboration, enabling the exchange of ideas and experiences that can drive our practice’s growth and enhance patient care.

Do you think it is important for GPs and Orthodontists to have opportunities to network and learn together?

Absolutely. Such interactions foster a multidisciplinary approach to patient care, ensuring comprehensive treatment planning and execution. Collaborative learning environments enhance the sharing of knowledge, skills, and best practices, ultimately leading to improved clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

In the past 12 months Align has launched a host of new technologies – which are you hoping will be showcased at the event?

I am particularly hoping to see the new iTero Lumina intraoral scanner and any advancements in the Align Digital Platform. These technologies have the potential to significantly streamline our workflow, improve case acceptance rates, and enhance the overall patient experience. Seeing these innovations in action will provide valuable insights into how we can integrate them into our practice to drive growth and efficiency.

What do you think Invisalign treatment and iTero have done to accelerate your practice growth?

Invisalign and iTero have been instrumental in accelerating our practice growth by enhancing treatment offerings and improving patient satisfaction. The precision and predictability of Invisalign clear aligners, combined with the advanced imaging capabilities of iTero scanners, have led to higher case acceptance rates and better clinical outcomes. These technologies have also streamlined our workflow, reduced chair time, and enabled us to provide a superior patient experience, contributing to our practice’s growth and success.

For more information about Invisalign Live 2024 and the Awards, and to book your place at Invisalign Live go to Invisalign Live 2024.

This article is sponsored by Align Technology.

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