A game-changer for clear aligner therapy success

A game-changer for clear aligner therapy success

VOCO explains why using the right products for aligner attachments can be revolutionary when delivering clear aligner therapy.

Clear aligner therapy is revolutionising dentistry thanks to advanced computer-aided design and 3D printing technology. Customising treatment plans for each patient and providing virtually invisible aligners has transformed the orthodontic experience, enhancing patient satisfaction and compliance. Its ability to address various dental issues, from mild to complex cases, has widened the scope of orthodontic treatment, making it accessible and more appealing to a broader range of patients.

Attachments are at the heart of any transformative experience. Often used to enhance or assist in specific tooth movements and for retention of the aligner, the use of attachments allows for the exertion of desired force on the teeth, which is crucial for the success of clear aligner therapy (AlMogbel, 2023). Indeed, findings indicate their positive impact on facilitating complex tooth movements (Katib et al, 2024). 

Rohini Anderson, platinum Invisalign provider

Dentist Rohini Anderson has a keen interest in adult orthodontics, particularly Invisalign. She graduated from King’s College London in 2007. Following a stint as a general dentist in Lincoln, she felt compelled to realise her dream of owning her own practice. This journey began with a partnership at Woodthorpe Dental Care in Nottinghamshire in June 2015, eventually leading to sole ownership by August 2022.

She has observed a notable surge in demand for aligner therapy. The allure of Invisalign remains robust, suggesting a heightened appreciation for the cosmetic and oral health benefits of a straighter smile. This sustained trend towards prioritising dental alignment means Rohini now sees an average of two to three consultations per week, with 63 initiated cases since October 2023.

She says: ‘We’ve noticed a significant increase in demand for Invisalign, and the patient demand for straightening teeth with Invisalign remains strong. People prioritise the appearance and health of their smiles more than ever before.’

Enhanced success rates

She is a platinum Invisalign provider despite having taken two career breaks for maternity leave. She believes this shows an unwavering determination to expand the practice’s caseload. Introducing iTero intraoral scanners to her practice improved patient care, offering comfort, accuracy, and faster treatment planning.

‘It is an engaging experience for patients who can visualise a simulated version of their future smile. It is more comfortable than traditional impression-taking methods and ensures greater accuracy. The streamlined process speeds up aligner fabrication, reducing wait times and enabling patients to start their treatment promptly.’

‘It has revolutionised the attachment process’

Attachments in modern aligner therapy widen the scope of corrections for jaw misalignments and enhance success rates. The precise fit and design of these attachments are crucial for effective treatment. Recognising the importance of advanced materials in orthodontics, Rohini uses AlignerFlow LC by VOCO to elevate the standards of her practice. A composite that fluoresces under UV-A light, it has revolutionised the attachment process.

She explains: ‘The whole process is smoother and much more efficient. The material has a lower failure rate than previous composites I have used. It is so much easier to fill the template rather than overfill it, so the template still fits. The material flows onto the tooth, so the edges of the attachments blend onto the tooth a lot better, making them less visible and less prone to staining.

‘The process of placing the attachments is faster, too, due to its rapid setting. It’s flowable enough to go into the attachment template easily but thick enough so it stays in position. It’s also easy to remove any excess as it just flicks off using a probe. With thicker composite, I had to use a drill every time to smooth around the attachments, which I hardly do anymore. It’s a game-changer.’

She adds: ‘Even though it blends very well onto the tooth, you can still differentiate between the tooth surface and composite. I use the UV light to ensure I’ve removed that last layer when I remove the attachments at the end of treatment.’

‘A more comfortable patient experience’

The faster usability also makes for a more comfortable clear aligner patient experience.

‘The light-curing time states 10 seconds, which is accurate. You can see the composite detach from the attachment tray as it sets, so you can feel confident when removing the tray that the attachment will remain in place. The product remains robust and doesn’t wear down during the six to 12 months I’ve seen it on my cases.’

Rohini’s dedication to Invisalign is evident in her platinum provider status, reflecting her passion and expertise in this field. Her personalised approach, combined with advanced technologies and materials, sets her practice apart, ensuring successful outcomes and satisfied patients.

‘I now dedicate more clinical time to Invisalign rather than just fitting in between general dentistry. My passion for the system comes across during a consultation, and I often get comments about how enthusiastic I am about the treatment. I love how patients are excited by it. We offer a package so that even when the patient has finished their Invisalign, they have all the means to maintain their new, straight, whiter smile easily. As an independent practice, we offer great personal care and attention to all our patients – and use the best tools and products to deliver this.’

AlignerFlow LC by VOCO offers:

  • Fluorescence under UV-A light: this feature allows precise control during attachment fabrication and removal, ensuring minimal excess material and preserving enamel integrity
  • Exceptional adaptability: the composite’s tailored flowability ensures precise filling of the template splint, facilitating accurate attachment shaping even in challenging areas
  • Stability and durability: with an 83% filler content by weight, AlignerFlow LC provides stability, wear resistance, and efficient force transfer from splints to teeth throughout the treatment
  • Efficient application and removal: the composite cures in just 10 seconds with a light output of 1,000 mW/cm2, and its low failure rate simplifies the attachment process and removal.

For more information about VOCO AlignerFlow, please visit www.voco.dental/en/products/direct-restoration/composites/alignerflow-lc.aspx.


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This article is sponsored by VOCO.

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